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Best Seller National Model B3 Walking Sprinkler with Steel Gears

Best Seller National Model B3 Walking Sprinkler
The original walking sprinkler!Never move your sprinkler again! Model B3 For estates, athletic fields and institutions.Pulls 250 to 300 feet of standard 5/8" garden hose. The adjustable spray arms can be rotated to give water sparay coverage from 4 feet to 50 feet wide.The Traveling Sprinkler can be set at high speed (40 ft/hr, putting down about 1/2" of water); low speed (20 ft/hr, putting down about 7/8" of water) or be used as a stationary sprinkler.
The walking sprinkler travels under its own power using the garden hose as its track.
Weight: 32 pounds.
Heavy Duty
NOTE:Model B3 (this model) come standard with STEEL gears
Moving Lawn Sprinkler, National Traveling Lawn Sprinkler

Scarecrow Motion Detector Sprinkler can Resolve Backyard Animal Problems

Contech Electronics Scarecrow Motion Activated SprinklerCTCRO102

ScareCrow Automatic Outdoor Animal Deterrent CTCRO102Contech Electronics Scarecrow motion detector sprinkler is effective against herons, racoons, deer, dogs, cats, and other predators bothering your pond or garden. When it SENSES an intruder, it instantly releases full garden hose pressure for the trespasser. Sprays a stream of water up to 35' away with a 100 degree arc. Attaches to garden hose.

Requires a 9 volt battery(not included).

*Overall height 24".

*2 year manufacturers waranty

* Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler is great for gardens or ponds to keep away unwanted critters.Finally a way to keep unwanted animals out of the garden and protect your yard, fruit trees, vegetables and flowers from hungry or destructive creatures. Cats, dogs, deer, rabbits, large birds, and many others. The patented Scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler is the smartest scarecrow ever invented. When it sees an intruder it instantly releases full garden hose water pressure towards the trespasser. The effect is both startling and immediate. Animals quickly get out of the area and avoid it in the future.The ScareCrow motion-activated sprinkler is constructed of durable, high-quality materials, and has been designed to provide many years of reliable service.Using the ScareCrow is easy. Simply attach a standard garden hose to its base, set the ScareCrow in the ground in the area you want to protect, and then turn on the water. Once you switch the unit on, it is ready to go.How does it work?The ScareCrow uses a combination of sudden noise, unexpected movement, and a startling blast of water to create a memorable and unpleasant experience for the trespasser.The animal immediately associates this unpleasant experience with the location, and to avoid similar surprises, learns to avoid the area. If an animal chooses to return, the ScareCrow will be waiting.While a human may flee several steps after activating a ScareCrow, animals are typically affected to a much greater degree. In most cases they run much farther, and stay away longer. Because the unit only triggers when the animal moves, its behavior is difficult for animals to anticipate, making it a very effective deterrent.



"Since purchasing the ScareCrow, I can tell you that not one deer has come back…After one night using the ScareCrow, that was it!

My Cistus has bloomed for the first time in two years. Great product!"Judith Vosper, WA

"Your product has been the best item I've purchased in years. Until the arrival of your ScareCrow we tried every solution to manage the problem - nothing worked. Your product literally worked overnight and got rid of the raccoons 100%!"Greg Hinkley, WI

"I am using mine to keep pigeons off the ground and from around the feeder. It is doing great and keeps them away 100%. As soon as they see it on the lawn they keep away. Thanks a lot."John Witalec, MI

Customer Satisfaction Statistics
The following section rates the ScareCrow's effectiveness on various types of animals, according to feedback provided by our customers.
Animal Number of Surveys Submitted
Average User Satisfaction Rating
Deer 708 86%
Cats 381 85%
Raccoons 281 85%
Dogs 171 83%
Heron 145 86%
Rabbits 108 83%
Squirrels 68 82%
Skunks 44 79%
Groundhogs 15 75%
Opossums 15 89%
Canada Geese 22 90%
Cranes 9 77%
Pigeons 9 77%
Sheep 1 80%

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