Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wood Shingle Roof Classic White Vinyl Birdfeeder CS 10"

This beautiful classic white design fancy bird feeder features:

Made from White PVC board.

No Rotting or cracking

Shingle roof.
Easily fill clear tube in center for feeding birds

A great focal point addition to your backyard for watching birds.

11" wide by 27" tall
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The Squirrel Stopper System

STOP SQUIRRELS from raiding your feeder.Hang your feeders on this pole — squirrels can’t get past the floating cylindrical baffle to get to the seed. An ingenious, patent-pending squirrel-stopping baffle is built into this pole design. The center cylinder rocks from side to side and up and down—squirrels can’t climb past. Assembles in minutes without tools. Screw in post for easy installation. Decorative bird topper accent.
Rust resistant.
Two Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Each arm holds up to 30 lbs. 36 x 36 x 8 feet.

The inverted cone shape of the Squirrel Stopper™ shroud is virtually impossible for critters to grip onto, and spring-torsion technology allows the shroud to simultaneously move up and down, plus side to side.

SQUIRREL STOPPER ASSEMBLES IN MINUTES WITHOUT TOOLS!!1. Set auger onto ground and screw lower section into ground.

2. Twist and lock middle section with attached shroud (Baffle) onto lower section.

3. Slide 1" horizontal tubes through holes in top section.

4. Twist and lock top section onto middle section.

5. Hang your bird feeders and start feeding ONLY the birds!

Complete Bird Feeder Pole System
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