Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best Seller National Model B3 Walking Sprinkler

Best Seller National Model B3 Walking Sprinkler

The original walking sprinkler!Never move your sprinkler again! Model B3 For estates, athletic fields and institutions.Pulls 250 to 300 feet of standard 5/8" garden hose. The adjustable spray arms can be rotated to give water sparay coverage from 4 feet to 50 feet wide.The Traveling Sprinkler can be set at high speed (40 ft/hr, putting down about 1/2" of water); low speed (20 ft/hr, putting down about 7/8" of water) or be used as a stationary sprinkler.
The walking sprinkler travels under its own power using the garden hose as its track.
Weight: 32 pounds.
Heavy Duty
NOTE:Model B3 (this model) come standard with STEEL gears:
Moving Lawn Sprinkler, National Traveling Lawn Sprinkler

Hummingbird and Garnet Earrings


Hummingbird and Garnet earrings are etched in recycled brass and each piece is hammered by hand using a special plannishing tool. This hand-hammering technique gives the jewelry subtle facets which catch the light, and makes these pieces attractive and distinctive from near and far!