Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Original Dr JB's Hummingbird Feeder

Dr.JB's Clean Feeder
Hummingbird enthusiasts want high quality feeders that last longer and are easier to clean. Dr JB’s Hummingbird Products Company was founded to build upon the best features of today’s popular feeders, but solve their problems. The result is a new feeder with dishwasher-safe removable parts and a wide mouth jar that takes the time and mess out of cleaning and filling the feeder.
Original Dr. JB Hummingbird Feeder

Schrodt Designs Songbird Lantern Classic

The lathe turned hopper seed feeder features an easy-to-use top loading hopper roof that protects seed from the weather, and deep narrow lathe turned feeder bowl helps prevent birds from kicking out seed. Hopper holds 5 cups of seed. A decorative pine cone is added for beaty and function that can be filled with suet or peanut butter mixtures to add to your food offering. This artistic and architecturally pleasing feeder is sure to be the focal point of many bird lover landscapes.