Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SQUNGEE Deluxe Squirrel Feeder

Loads of laughs for the whole family!

When the squirrels jump up and grab the corn, they hold on. While they hold on and pull out kernels, their weight and gravity is bouncing them up and down about 12-18 inches while they spin and swing. (We have even seen squirrels Squngee® upside down!)


Dartmouth Squirrel Proof Peanut/Sunflower Bird Feeder

Squirrel-Proof Woodpecker Peanut/Sunflower Feeder
10-1/2" x 9" cage with peanut feeder in the middle.
Galvanized steel lid with heavy, vinyl-coated wire mesh. Includes hanging chain and lock clip. Holds 1/4 lb of peanuts.

Review: This one we like for keeping squirrels out. It is not the most attractive but has been around bird feeding for a long time. Notice the fine mesh on the bottom and heavy duty galvanized top. This one will keep the squirrels out. It's heavy duty and gets the job done.
Can be used for suet as well. This one is great for woodpeckers. They can cling to the bottom and eat. Other clinging birds such as gold finches , chickadees etc. will enjoy it as well.