Thursday, January 9, 2014

Austrian Crystal Glass Hummingbird Suncatcher

Dazzling Fantasy Glass Hummingbird Winter

Fantasy Glass Hummingbird Winter
Gorgeous gold beaks make a glorious statement on our Fantasy Glass Hummingbirds. Hand-blown, hand painted glass hummingbirds, genuine Austrian crystal drop, hanging line.

Farm Innovators Heated Rock Bird Bath De-icer

Farm Innovators Heated Rock
The "heated rock" bird bath heater is constructed of cast aluminum with a decorative colored finish made to resemble a flat rock. It is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Uses only 75 watts. Safe in all bird baths. 3 year warranty.

Heated Rock BirdBath De-icer 75 watts by Farm Innovators SAVE ENERGY-Low wattage

Watch colorful birds even in the coldest temparatures making water available to birds year round!

Hydrofarm 4' Jump Start Grow Light System

The 4 ft wide Jump Start T5 Grow Light System is ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants.

The super efficient T5 lights help you grow faster by providing 15-20% more lumens than traditional grow lights.
It features a simple toggle clamp for easy lamp height adjustment, and the fixture has an internal reflective finish that directs more light to plants.
Ideal for African Violets, orchids, flowering bulbs, vegetables, seedlings and cuttings. Super easy assembly.

Auto Bird Feeder-Automatic Dispensing Bird Feeder

This latest innovation makes bird feeding easier than ever.
Unlike conventional feeders, the AutoFeeder allows you to determine how much seed to offer and when.
The result is that your feeder stays filled much longer and birds learn to visit your feeder at the times of day that you choose.
Product Features:
4 AA batteries (not included) will last for more than a year; capacity is 1 gallon; dispenses 1 to 4 times daily, 1 to 20 seconds per instance.

The AutoFeeder is constructed of metal and heavy ABS plastic to withstand years of outdoor enjoyment. Squirrel-proof, metal cap locks into place with metal hanging wire. Vents keep seed fresh