Monday, March 9, 2009

Purple Martin House

If you are looking for a quality purple martin house, look at the Backyard Nature Products line at

The features of the Backyard Nature Products original Purple Martin house are:

all aluminum and stainless steel (no wood or plastic)

hinged doors

ceiling plate

reflective roof

top perch

door plugs

metal base

ventilated roof and all necessary hardware.

Birds Choice Coates Original 3 floors 12 Room Purple Martin House also features:

Twelve 6" x 6" Compartments

Porch Dividers

Ventilated Roof

Aluminum Construction

Dimensions:14" wide x 19" deep x 21" high.

This purple martin house was originally made by Coates Manufacturing, but is now manufactured by Birds Choice Backyard Nature Products. For more on this product, go to

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