Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nelson Bird Gulf Stream Bath Heater De-Icer Blue Devil 6200

Blue Devil Bird Bath Heater Product Description
It's almost impossible for birds to find water in cold winter weather. With Nelson's Bird Bath Heater you can maintain an ice free bath to attract birds and keep them coming back even in sub-zero weather. Simple and easy to use, just plug it in and enjoy seeing wild birds in your bird bath all winter long. Fits most bird baths including pottery, concrete or plastic up to 10 quarts. capacity. Snap-acting thermostat keeps water at 40-50 degrees. Heater shuts off automatically in 60 seconds when operated out of water. New polyethylene coated aluminum sheath keeps cord out of water and can easily be shaped by hand to adapt heater to baths of different sizes and shapes. Includes stabilizing bracket for use with shallow bird baths. 200 watts. NOTE:Picture of product may be slighty different in the 2 pictures but will have the same basic features.

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